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Tunes In Transit (1hr) Kaleidoscope 21

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Bombshell Radio Jazzamatazz – Retro Dj mixes of many groovy styles of music 🇫🇮
2pm-3pm EST 11pm-12amEST and Monday 1pm-2pm EST

Tunes In Transit: An eclectic trip into jazzy,funky,quirky & far-out music. Freestyle fun!
Part of the Kaleidoscope series, a genre juggling journey into sound.
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#eclectic #funky #jazzy #groovy #quirky #farout #jazzamatazz #freestyle

1 Kojak / S.W.A.T. medley Henry Mancini
2 La Avispa The Rainbow Orchestra
3 The Hoodwink Bongolian
4 Riff Raff Music Through Six
5 Close Shave Keith Mansfiled
6 Sulphur Flowers The Midas Touch
7 A Shot In The Dark Henry Mancini
8 I’ll Be There Franciene Thomas
9 Piano In Transit Frank Coppieters
10 The Only One I Know Mark Ronson
11 Sweet Motion Alan Hawkshaw/Salin Band/The Salon Band
12 Napoli Si Ribella Franco Campanino
13 Got To Get Your Own Reuben Wilson
14 Djembe Ni Bara Surutu Kunu
15 Theme [From a Team] Mike Post
16 Morpho DJ Hell
17 Theme One John Mayer
18 Tema di Londra M. 10 Alessandro Alessandroni/Alex Alessandroni/Francesco De Masi
19 Psychedelic Blues Willie Bobo #nowplaying🎧

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