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Jazzamatazz – Undercover Space Cadet

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Wednesdays 2pm-4pm EST Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Bombshell RadioJazzamatazz Double Header FRIDAYS 1pm-3pm EST 6pm-8pm BST 10am-12pm PDT Sundays 7pm-8pm EST

A musical kaleidoscope of 24 groovy,funky,jazzy,rocking,far-out & fun tracks. A genre juggling journey into sound. Volume 99. Enjoy the trip!

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1 Title Theme (M‰dchen, Die Nach M¸nchen Kommen) Gert Wilden & Orchestra
2 Young Scene Keith Mansfield
3 Riviera Carnival Mark Wirtz
4 Crazy Flute Happy Guitar Roger Davy
5 Husky Team Saints
6 Raggers C Vascon
7 Cult and Colour Lee Mason
8 Walk Don’t Run The Ventures
9 One Fine Day Larry Page
10 Porterhouse Heinz Kiessling
11 Take to the Sky Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker
12 Kyoto Doll The Ventures
13 Pipeline The Champs
14 Speculation David Lindup
15 Back Talk Jurgen Franke
16 Madrid Collage
17 No One Can Love Bill Crosby
18 Say Something Sweet James Clarke
19 Little Girls Gert Wilden And Orchestra
20 Hollywood Premiere Keith Mansfield
21 Uschi Tender Aggression
22 The Starting Point A. Clark
23 Get The Bearings Donovan
24 Gospel Truth Keith Mansfield



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