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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Missy Raines

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Born in Short Gap, West Virginia, the Grammy-nominated Missy Raines is one of the most legendary bluegrass musicians on the planet. A ten-time winner of the International Bluegrass Music Association Bass Player of the Year and the first woman to win the award–a feat nobody has even come close to–Raines is a virtuoso musician who plays with unmatched dexterity and heart. She’s not just a bass player–she’s a singer, songwriter, teacher, sideman, and bandleader as well. Raines started her career at a very young age but what’s really interesting is that she started her solo career in 1998 nearly twenty years after touring non-stop and making records with Cloud Valley, Mac Wiseman, and Bill Evans. Raines’ new album Highlander is a stirring song-cycle dedicated to her native soil–is it a concept album about West Virginia? Well, kind of, but more accurately, it’s a tip of the hat to the textured nuances of rural Appalachia. Produced by the marvelous Alison Brown, Highlander is a musical tribute to the geography of West Virginia and the emotional geography of the concept of home. Long story short: it’s stunning work. ( ( ( (

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