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Generating Steam Heat 287

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Mondays Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Generating Steam Heat Bombshell Radio 4pm EST 9pm BST 1pm PDT 

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Deep Wound – If Only We Earned A Dollar From Everyone Who Says We’re An Influence

Poison Idea – Portland Timbers Rule

DFL – Deaf Flaccid Lefties

Dead Kennedys – Mellow Jello

Circle Jerks – Group Sexy

Negative Approach – We’re Actually Quite Positive

Bad Brains – We Like The Big Boys And The Dicks (We Really Do)

Discharge – Two Monstrous Nuclear Shag Piles

Disorder -Too Good For Riot City Records

Chaos UK – Too Shit For Disorder Records

Whizwood – Hulls Second Best Band Behind Scarper!

F- Minus – Could Do Better

Voorhees – The Old Wave Of British H.C

Shank – Lamb

Sawn Off – Carpentry Is A Very Useful Skill

Capitalist Casualties – Where’s Our Royalty Check?

Cosec – Cosec Not Kojak You Twat

Catheter – A Soft Hollow Tube Which Is Passed Into The Bladder To Drain Urine

Civil Rights – Are On The Decline With Each New Tory Law Change

Artemus Pyle – That’s Pyle Not Piles

Dead And Gone – Listen To Generating Steam Heat Or Else Motherfucker

Guyana Punchline – The Jokes On You

Slant – Why Does Everyone Like Drum & Bass When They Should Be Listening To Powerviolence?

Rat Cage – Was A Very Good Eighties New York Punk Label

Tokyo Lungs – DJ Papa Max Certainly Knows His Stuff

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