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Mondays Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Generating Steam Heat Bombshell Radio 4pm EST 9pm BST 1pm PDT 

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Flux Of Pink Indians – Tube Disasters

UK Decay – For My Country

Icon A.D – Face The Facts

The Ejected – Have You Got 10p?

UK Subs – You Don’t Belong

Poison Girls – Persons Unknown

Conflict – From Protest To Resistance

The Fits – Tears Of A Nation

The Underdogs – East Of Dachau

Anti Establishment – No Trust

Court Martial – Gotta Get Out Of It

Ultra Violent – Crime For Revenge

Charge – Destroy The Youth

4 Skins – One Law For Them

The Outcasts – Gangland Warfare

Undead – It’s Corruption

Metro Youth – Red Rifles

Angelic Upstarts – Last Night Another Soldier

Honey Bane – Girl On The Run

Demob – No Room For You

The Mob – Witch Hunt

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