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The Mike Rogers Show #89

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Mike Rogers Show :

Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


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MRS #89


Thorazines feat_hayleyCrusher         Spin Around                2:52

Dog Shite        Cos Im Gonna            2:10

Kelly Muff        デザート・エゴ                      2:33

Hayley & the Crushers           3 Church of Flag                     2:18

Beatles            Revolution                   2:15

Smog  Accelerator                 2:24

Sleez Sisters   No Way                       2:17

Hayley & the Crushers           2 Angelyne                  2:40

Monkees         I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone               2:27

Two Hearts   RPM                  3:22

Civic    Radiant Eye                3:00

The Airport 77s           Christine’s Coming Over                    3:15

Fire      Father’s Name Was Dad                    2:30

Das Kapitans  Rooftops                     3:55

Two Hearts    Time is on Nobodys Side                     3:59

David Bowie    Rebel Rebel                3:03

Hayley & the Crushers           1 Jacaranda                2:43

rinrin – The Game                   3:19

Smog  IN_THE_WASTELAND                      3:06

Fun Time Objects       Hey! Joey                    2:15

Hayley & the Crushers           Before The Blitz                      2:18

Killer Kin          SONIC LOVE              2:35

Kieran Murphy            On My Own                 3:55

Chiba Neko     Built For Speed                       2:22

Smog  Runaway Child                       2:09

Vera Bloom     Bad Decisions             3:18

Dog Shite        Affirmative                   2:37

細川たかし      心のこり                     3:37

The Muffs        Beat Your Heart Out               2:31

The Dahmers  Brain Spiders              1:33

Hayley & the Crushers           Cool is the new lame              2:14

The Nutty Squirrels     Cool Canary                2:35

The Bad Drugs           OH NO                        2:51

TapOk – Funeral of common sense               3:16

Smog  Set in Stone                2:50

The Pen Friend Club  Boku to Kimi no Melody                      4:05


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