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The Mike Rogers Show #21

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Mike Rogers Show :
Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST  / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


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Repeats Monday’s 3am-5am EST / Monday’s 4pm-6pm JST

Beach Brats    California Girls 2:12

Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite           Moshiyokattara           3:02

A Bunch Of Jerks       Pretty Low      1:52

New Model Army        End Of Days  4:16

Brigitte Handley          After Dark        4:09

Mojo Beatnik   Ace Of Spades           3:54

The Out-Islanders      Ebb Tide         2:15

BimBamBoom Bright Up         3:10

Rat Boy          I Wanna Skate            2:15

Josie Cotton   Everything Is Oh Yeah           2:40

Hazy sour cherry        midnight album ver take 2       2:51

Bad Mary        07 I, Robot      2:25

Flashlights       Sad Dream      2:59

Local Drags     Plot Holes        2:18

Tomboys        06-ブルーアイズ_MASTER_16441        3:01

Uniforms          Searchlights    2:43

Alvino Rey & His Orchestra   Blues In The Night      3:05

Baby Shakes Down  3:27

Duncan Reid And The Big Heads       Cant Stop       2:50

THE LET’S GO’s        Heibon Cherry            3:20

Suttoko Dot Koi           Multi     2:36

Grade 2           Graveyard Island        2:33

Hayley & the Crushers          3 Poison Box Mix 3     2:36

Walter Lure & The Waldos     She Doesn’t Love You           2:58

Harry Belafonte           Tone the Bell Easy     3:20

Clash  Jail Guitar Doors         3:05

Follow Ups      Crystal Lake   2:24

Mini Meltdowns           You Bring Me Down    2:24

King Cornelius and The Silverbacks  Apes of Wrath 2:25


Thee Cha cha chas    Running Out Of Time 1:47

The Eyeberries           Riot On The Cemetery Street            2:36

Walter Lure & The Waldos     She Doesn’t Love You           2:58

7&6     1. Monster Shindig      2:00

The Membranes          A Strange Perfume      3:40

Neatbeats       Iced Coffee     2:33

Wonderful World         AA_EVEN IN HIS YOUTH     3:14

Petersfield       As Tears Go By         2:53

Echo Machine w/Alissa Janine           Bad Guy         2:31



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