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For The Record Aug 14 2019

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47:49 Dublock,”Cradle Hill”

44:19 “Antony Cull”,”Restart The Sun”

41:19 “Antony Cull”,”Time Lapse”

35:19 “Static Shore”,Friend

30:49 “Static Shore”,Replay

25:31 ntrval,”Brahms’ Straw Serenade”

21:00 ntrval,”Philth Ditty”

16:18 “Michael Sackler-Berner”,”City Living”

12:58 “Michael Sackler-Berner/MSB”,”Slip and Fall”

10:18 “Michael Sackler-Berner”,”True Blue”

04:38 “Bob Dylan”,”John Birch Society Blues”

02:08 “Bob Dylan”,”All Along the Watchtower”

00:59 “Bob Dylan”,”Lay Lady Lay”



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