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Jazzamatazz – Happy Wanderer

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Jazzamatazz Double Header FRIDAYS 1pm-3pm EST 6pm-8pm BST 10am-12pm PDT

A musical kaleidoscope of 26 groovy,funky,jazzy,rocking,far-out & fun tracks. A genre juggling journey into sound. Volume 79. Enjoy the trip 🙂

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1 The Gospel According to the Bongolian Bongolian
2 Remember Billy Richard Demaria
3 House of Voodoo Bongolian
4 Morning Train Chris Barber Soul Band
5 Percussions ¿ Gogo HervÈ Roy
6 I’m Coming Home Trendsetters Ltd.
7 Cool Stepper Max Harris
8 Tough Assignment Chris Gunning
9 Harvey Midas Touch
10 Hobo The Outlaws
11 Pop Pastime Alan Moorhouse
12 Alive Fay Hallam & Bongolian
13 California Creamin’ Unknown Artist
14 Value For Money Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra
15 Movin’ On Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker
16 Special Offer Keith Mansfield
17 Blauer Montag Mary Roos
18 Secret Agent Man The Ventures
19 Guitar Boogie Shuffle Bert Weedon
20 Drum Party Sandy Nelson
21 The Double Take Steve Gray
22 Jangal Dom Um Romao
23 She’s Leaving Home Big Jim Sullivan
24 Transmitter Tender Aggression
25 Sandy Beach Johnny Hawksworth
26 True Blue The Salon Band

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