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For The Record July 10 2019

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9:55:06 “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”,”Star Spangled Banner”

47:36 The Jimi Hendrix Experience”,”Hey Joe”

41:55 GIPSI,”Azeitona do Monte”

38:56 “Gravity Gun”,”Synthentic Organism, Authentic Orgasm”

35:45 “Gravity Gun”,”Abyss Counter”

33:06 “Gravity Gun”,”First Death”

28:26 “Yellow Belly”,”Condition White”

24:25 “Yellow Belly”,”Are You Ready to Be Happy Yet?”

20:55 “Yellow Belly”,”Still (feat. David Vázquez)”

17:35 “The Replacements”,”Can’t Hardly Wait”

15:35 “The Replacements”,Skyway

12:35 “The Replacements”,Androgynous

09:25 “Big Star”,”When My Baby’s Beside Me”

05:25 “Big Star”,Holocaust

02:35 “Big Star”,”Femme Fatale [Demo]”



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