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For The Record Nov 7/ 18

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9:00:00 ,”Around the dial”,”The Kinks”

9:04:26 ,Destroyer,”The Kinks”

9:08:22 ,”Mid Age Deberther”,”Larry Frazier”

9:11:34 ,RTM2,müesk

9:13:38 ,”Stumbling Through Light”,müesk

9:17:58 ,”Thump & Shriek”,Stringmodulator

9:21:42,”Betwixt & Between”,Stringmodulator

9:24:43 ,Conversation,”Acef Stripe”

9:31:47 ,”Love Theme (From Cold Century)”,VI-RES

9:36:12 ,Staple,VI-RES

9:45:06 ,”Look at You (feat. Vizualye)”,*Thommo*

9:46:54 ,”Outside, Looking in (feat. Replicant Theory)”,*Thommo*

9:50:47 ,”Stuck in Time”,Brusalan


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