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Allen Bell New Music and interviews w/ Bree Taylor

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w/ Bree Taylor Canadian Pop singer-songwriter Bree Taylor is a force to be reckoned with. She is known for powerful, honest lyrics and dynamic melodies that express a range of emotions that everyone can relate to.

Writing and creating music has always been Bree’s way of expressing herself and is her way of baring her soul to the world. Bree has been writing and recording her debut EP in Los Angeles, California and is excited to release her first single “Broken Dreams” this Fall 2016.

Bree was born to sing and entertain. Having been brought into this world to music in the delivery room, her love of music began making it inevitable that she follow this dream. She was always an outgoing and creative child and was writing poems, stories and lyrics and participated in school choir’s from the age of 6. Instructor’s describe Bree as an emotional and gifted singer with a powerful and unique voice. Bree has shown an ear for music and she is known to pick up instruments quickly such as piano, flute and guitar.

Bree has made a name for herself on YouTube as a beauty creator where she shares her passion for makeup, skincare and beauty products and continues to post videos for her viewers. Her popular book review series, “Books with Bree” has become increasingly popular as well and is an outlet for her to share her passion for reading and literature which was another part of her life growing up, having always had her head in books. She has gained a great following of people from all over the world who support her YouTube channel and her music.


Allen Bell New Music And interviews
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