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Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #224 01/08/2018

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Best of 2017 Part Two” all ready to rock and roll, first airing Monday at 3pm GMT, 4pm CET 10am-11am EST

Arvidson and Butterflies – Blanks Season (EP)
Pink Beam – Wrote Me A letter (Single)
Thrift Store Halo – Let’s Not Wait (Pop Rocket EP)
Vista Blue – Dreaming Of Me (Here To Stay EP)
Psychotic Youth – Goodbye Girl (The Voice Of Summer LP)
The Duke Of Surl – Ham Radio (Ham Radio LP)
Chrissy Rafferty – Jennifer Says (Unreleased… far!)
Blondie – Doom Or Destiny (Pollinator LP)
Popguns – A Beaten Up Guitar (Sugar Kisses LP)
Len Price 3 – Childish Words (Kentish Longtails LP)
Rob Clarke And The Wooltones – Jump In My Igloo (Single)
Smart Patrol – Suburb Sunday (Overage Underachievers LP)
Mattiel – Baby Brother (Mattiel LP)
The Parson Redheads – Today Is The Day (Blurred Harmony LP)
Sister John – Sister John’s Dream (Returned From Sea LP)
Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wait (Single)
Tahiti Douchebag – Eskimo (Monoii LP)
The Brixton Riot – Maybe Tomorrow (Close Counts LP)
Wide Hips 69 – Serial Wanker (The Gang Bang Theory LP)
First Base – Eastchester Avenue (Not That Bad LP)
The Regrettes – Lacy Loo (Feel Your Feelings Fool LP)
The Safes – Hometown (Tasty Waves LP)

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