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The Synth Wave Show 33 (LA Xmas

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The Synth Wave Show 33 (LA Xmas) Playlist
Michael Oakley ‘California’
The Midnight ‘Days Of Thunder’
The Killers ‘The Man’
Beck Black ‘American Mister’
Beck Black ‘Life Is A Circus’
A Million Machines ‘Come Tonight’
A Million Machines ‘My Criminal Mind’
A Million Machines ‘Absence Without Leave’
Lucky + Love ‘Sexy’
Lucky + Love ‘Legal Love’
Night Nail ‘Hollow Day’
Tears For Fears ‘I Love You But I’m Lost’
Beta Drone ‘Don’t Wanna Be Loved’ (Nude Sound System Remix)
Mark Bebb + Heliophile ‘In Time’
Sombre Moon ‘Blurred Reality’
George Ergemlidze (ft. Shadows & Mirrors) ‘Strangers’
Glyda ‘Set My Soul Free’
NINA ‘Heart Of Glass’
Black Needle Noise with Tara Busch ‘Under My Skin’
The Department ‘Throne Of Nothing’
Trevor Something ‘Summer Love’
GUNSHIP ‘Shadow Fury’
Michael Oakley ‘Turn Back Time’
Tiny Magnetic Pets ‘Lost My Guiding Light’
Katja Von Kassel ‘Lili Marlene’
Promenade Cinema ‘?’
Alison Moyet ‘Happy Giddy’
Nius X ‘Christmas Carol’




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