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Bombshell Radio Today Alternate Universe 11
11pm-1pm EST
Hey Bombshell Radio addicts, I got a great mix for you today on alternate universe. A lot of my favorite releases over the last few years, with a solid peppering of 90s and 2000’s alternative. From Dion Ferris, to Eve 6, to Sixx AM this will be a great journey through emotion and sound. Alternate universe, at 11 AM Eastern on
Today from 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern, not only will you hear a diverse, passionate, and emotional mix of alternative music. In the first set, you’ll hear a great song called Equenigma from the Chronicles of Israfel. Dominic is always hard at work on various projects, and he is a very talented artist worthy of your support. Tune into the show today on Bombshell Radio at #ArtistSpotlight #Alternative #Emotion #TuneIn


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