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Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #536

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Freddie Chavez – They’ll Never Know (Single)

David Woodward – Stupid Kid  (Literally, Probably, Maybe LP) 

The Suncharms – Satanic Rites (Things Lost LP) 

Attic Lights – Walkie Talkie (Friday Night Lights LP)

Blondie – Sunday Girl (Single)

Super 8 – Keep Doing It (Single)

Go Dog Go – Sold Your Soul To The Devil (Single)

Maze – Actions (Single)

Denise James – Hold On This Time (It’s Not Enough To Love LP)

Jumbo Chords – If There Wasn’t Someone Else (Saturday Night, Sunday Morning  LP)

Day Dreems – Lady Beetle (Single)

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Jehova Sunrise (Extended Revelation For The Psychic Weaklings Of The Western Civilisation LP) 1998 2nd studio album

The Projectors – You Can Only Wait (The Projectors LP)

Boys School – Talking To Myself (Boys School LP)

The Unswept – Wonderfully Perfect Right (The Codependant EP)

Paul Collins – Westbound (Stand Back And Take A Good Listen LP)

The Zombies – You Make Me Feel Good (Single)

The Campbell Apartment – Sand & Glue (Under The Influence Of Love LP)

Svenssen – Every Day is A School Day (Every Day Is A School Day EP)

The Monkees – Alvin (The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees LP)

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