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The British are Coming #594

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The British are Coming

Tuesdays 10:00pm -11:30 pm EST

Repeats Wednesdays 8:00am – 10:00am EST Matt plays 20 of the best up-and-coming indie, alternative, and rock artists in the UK, some of which you know, but many more that will be new music discoveries. Matt’s deep knowledge of UK music scene and his ear for a banger make The British are Coming a must-listen on Bombshell Radio. #TheBritishAreComing, #Alternative, #Indie, #Rock, #NewMusic, #BombshellRadio

Matt Dalzell @britdjmatt

Modern Love – Until My Heart Stops Beating

Thrillhouse – Fatal Flaw

Deco – Everybody Wants To Be Somebody Else

Paul McCann – Divide and Conquer

Utopiates – Illuminise

Bleach Lab – I Could Be Your Safe Place

She’s In Parties – Cherish

Majesty Palm – Self Control

Eaves Wilder – I Stole Your Jumper

Shame – Fingers of Steel

The Dirty English – The Dirty English – Borstal Boys

Work In TV – Spiral

Callum Pitt – Mayfly

Finn Forster – Call You Mine

Mercury Machine – Remember

Giant Party – Beyond Dreaming

Y Dail – Whizz Kids

Beachtown – Homesmaker

Teeth Machine – Penny

Driven Snow – Flickers Of You

Setting Suns DC – Where All The Lines Meet

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The British are Coming