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The Charles Motorbike Show July 29

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Fridays 12pm-2pm EST

“Playing the best in indie-rock-garage-psych-shoegaze. Band spotlights at the top of the hour”The Charles Motorbike Show “It’s the show where you can learn how to hop-scotch on water and feed millions on one crouton”

Shoegaze/Garage/Psych/Indie Rock

// The churchhill garden // No Suits In Miami // Xeresa // Shelflife Records // Shore Dive Records // My Raining Stars // Stereolab // Treble Helix // Gallus Gallacher // The Mary Onettes Official Facebook // Birdy // GrindEthos Records // Tina & The Hams // Maud Platiau-Bourret // Grand Splendid // Ghost woman // The Waterboys // Lost Echoes // The Primitives // Belle and Sebastian // #radio #livestreaming #dreampop #shoegaze #indierock #postpunk #radiohost #radioshow #hipsway

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Charles Motorbike Show
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