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The Menace’s Attic #882

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The Menace’s Attic/Just Another Menace Sunday
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This Week – Episode #882

This 7” Edition Will Be A Collectable For Some Of You And Others Will Say, “Really, Why Do You Listen To A Guy Who Plays A Bunch Of Scratchy Old Records?” Yup, This One’s For You Lenny!
Opening Song
Yah Mo Be There – James Ingram (Qwest)
Set #1 From Roma To Some Hanky Panky With A Swaheto Woman! Hold On! Does That Make Any Sense?
Yellow River – Christie (Epic)
A Must To Avoid – Herman’s Hermits (MGM)
Hanky Panky – Neil Diamond (Bang)
Swaheto Woman – David Johansen (Blue Sky)
Set #2 If You Don’t Love Me For My Pez Collection, Then Wherefore?
Baby It’s Cold Outside – Pezband (Passport)
Cecilia – Simon & Garfunkel (Columbia)
(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet – The Reflections (Golden World)
Silhouettes – The Rays (Cameo)
Set #3 Mayor John Lindsay Gave A Damn During One Of The Most Yukky Times In NYC. The Question Is, Did He Keep His Promise?
Give A Damn – Spanky & Our Gang (Mercury)
Promises Promises – Dionne Warwick (Scepter)
I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City – Nillson (RCA)
Wild In The Streets – British Lions (RSO)
Set #4 We’re About To Go Faster Miles An Hour, So Keep Your Radio On!
Roadrunner – Jonathan Richman (Beserkley)
Black Slacks – Sparkletones (ABC Paramount)
Breaking Away – Balance (Portrait)
Closing Song
Dueling Banjos – Eric Weissberg (Warner Bros.)



The Menace's Attic