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Addictions and Other Vices 576 – Days Like These!!!

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It’s showtime and it’s time to check out & play submissions from our overflowing Addictions Inbox and a few new discoveries we felt the urge to share. Thanks to all the Labels, Artists and PR companies that sent in tracks this week. Bombshell Radio Tracks of the Day.

This Week with David Rovics: In an effort not to appear too self-absorbed I try to avoid mentioning it too often, but for this week’s episode we turn our attention to another collapsed industry — my own.  

The business model of creating free content and then asking people to voluntarily support you in your endeavor to pay the rent while you continue to create and give away free content online is a weird, ethereal way to go about one’s life, I can tell you that. And it doesn’t work as well as selling albums used to. But soon all of what I’m talking about here will seem mysterious to all of the other songwriters and bands putting music up online for free and making a few bucks a month from Spotify, who never were in a position to entertain dreams of selling thousands of CDs on tours around the world every year and supporting themselves in the process, as I did for most of my adult life. 

That, in a nutshell, is the story of my own industrial collapse. What’s yours?



I hope you enjoy!

  1. Melt with you / Modern English
  2. Hey, You / Darma
  3. No Future (Part II) / Hey Bulldog
  4. Lignina / lebend
  5. My Only Son / Evi Vine
  6. All I Think About Is You / Therése Neaimé
  7. Last Goodbye / Jetstream
  8. Tomahawk Caress/ Fugitive Orchestra
  9. Showing My Face / ShapeShiftingAliens
  10. Sofia (CMU) / The Popravinas
  11. Radio, Radio / Elvis Costello
  12. Paint A Vulgar Picture / The Smiths
  13. E.M.I. / Sex Pistols
  14. Complete Control / The Clash
  15. So You Want to Be a Rock ‘N’ Roll Star / The Byrds
  16. Big Bang Baby / Stone Temple Pilots
  17. You Get What You Give / New Radicals
  18. Allstar / Smashmouth
  19. Everything Counts / Depeche Mode
  20. Write Your Own Song / Matthew Sweet
  21. The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man / The Rolling Stones
  22. Mr. Jones / Counting Crows
  23. Nothing is Good Enough / Aimee Mann
  24. Only A Northern Song / The Beatles
  25. Have A Cigar / Pink Floyd
  26. The Last DJ / Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  27. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…) / Queen


David Rovics/ Jasper PR / Shameless Promotion / Lions’den Promotion/ Saint in the City PR/ High Violet PR and Plugging

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