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The Menace’s Attic #847

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The Menace’s Attic
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This Week – Episode #847
“I Figure If You Can Go Through Life Doing Anything That Turns You On 121 Times, You’ve Done The Right Thing! So, Here We Go Again With The 121st 7” Edition Of This Radio Thing!“

Opening Song
Turn Back The Hands Of Time – Tyrone Davis (Dakar)
Set # 1 I Mean Seriously, Where Else At This Very Moment Can You Hear Some Deutsche Beatles, Supreme Motown And The Grandest Of Funk?
Sie liebt Dich (She Loves You) – Die Beatles (Swan)
Bad Time – Grand Funk (Capitol)
Reflections – The Supremes (Motown)
Set # 2 Imagine Being A One Hit Wonder All Your Life, And Decades Later They Make A Film About It! Talk About A Road To Stardom That Never Evolved!
Back When My Hair Was Short – Gunhill Road (Kama Sutra)
Social Fools – Devo (Stiff)
Out In The Streets – The Shangri Las (Red Bird)
A Fine Fine Day – Tony Carey (MCA)
Set # 3 I’m Not Much Of A Patriot, So Excuse Me If We Get Bionically Radical With With A John, Some Boogie And Guess Who!
Hand Me Down World – The Guess Who (Nimbus 9)
Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John (DJM)
Risky Changes – Bionic Boogie (Polydor)
Set # 4 It’s Time To Let Loose With Some Love In Its Many Forms, Cynical, Hopeful, Cynical Again, Desperate And Of Course A Ferry That You Have To Pay The Price To Ride
Kind Of A Drag – The Buckinghams (USA)
Easier Said Than Done – The Essex (Roulette)
So Good Together – Andy Kim (Steed)
Kiss And Tell – Bryan Ferry (Reprise)
Closing Song
You Turn Me On I’m A Radio – Joni Mitchell (Asylum)


The Menace's Attic