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Strange Fruit June 9 2024

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Strange Fruit 10pm EST

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Strange Fruit (10-midnight EST) offers up a big album claimed by its online home to be “Weaving together emotions, imagery, and a sense of yearning for beauty,” we’ve done our best to build a selection of other sounds – old and new – that do the same thing over two hours. Join us, and judge for yourself:

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Strange Fruit (10-midnight EST) digs deep into a debut album that dived into the UK top ten on its first week of release this year. It might take the rest of the planet a while to catch up, but we’re doing our best to share the love, and blend it with a few other current and past sounds that few others are playing, including the Vulcan Freedom Fighters (whaddya mean you’ve never heard of them?!). Join us:


#newmusic #independentmusic #englishteacher



Red Lorry Yellow Lorry:
Hand on Heart

Flip and the Dateliners:
My Johnny Doesn’t Come Around

Solea Morente:
Mi Vida Es Para Mí

English Teacher:

English Teacher:
I’m not Crying, You’re Crying


Arwen Ensemble:
Upon Leaving the Dream

Pale Saints:
One Blue Hill

Les Fantômes du Jour:

Marta del Grande:
The Best Sea

The Falcons of Haunt:

English Teacher:

Kingdom of Rust

Sahra Halgan:

Afflecks Palace:
You are the Answer

Magic Sam:
Easy Baby

Penny Arcade:
Don’t Cry no Tears

Coco Koop:
Dream Boat

A New World

Catherine Graindoerge:
Where the Buzzards Fly

English Teacher:
Albert Road

English Teacher:
Mastermind Specialism

The Vulcan Freedom Fighters:
Doomsday Machine

The Telescopes:
Something in my Brain

David Crosby:
I’d Swear there was Somebody Here





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Strange Fruit
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