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A Breath of Fresh Air Aug 15 2023

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In the vibrant music scene of New Orleans during the 1960s, a group of exceptional musicians came together to form a band that would redefine funk music. Bassist George Porter Jr. joined forces with Art Neville (keyboards), Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste (drums), and Leo Nocentelli (guitar) to create The Meters.

The name itself hinted at their precision and rhythm.

The Meters introduced a distinctive sound that blended funk, R&B, soul, and New Orleans grooves. Their music was characterized by tight and infectious instrumental grooves that quickly caught the attention of music enthusiasts.

Hits like “Cissy Strut” and “Sophisticated Cissy” showcased their innovative approach to rhythm and melody, laying the foundation for the future of funk music. Their albums “The Meters” (1969), “Look-Ka Py Py” (1969), and “Struttin’” (1970) propelled them to prominence. While their initial success was felt mainly in their hometown of New Orleans, their influence spread far beyond.

Despite not achieving mainstream commercial success, their impact on the music scene was undeniable. The Meters’ music was more than just notes and beats; it was a source of inspiration for generations to come. Their rhythmic grooves became the foundation for hip-hop, with countless artists sampling their tracks. This influence solidified their legacy as pioneers of the funk genre. After the band’s initial disbandment, George Porter Jr. pursued a solo career, showcasing his exceptional bass skills. The Meters experienced various reunions over the years, with special performances and tours celebrating their musical legacy. Their enduring popularity spoke volumes about their lasting impact. In 2018,

The Meters received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, a testament to their significant contributions to music. Their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the same year immortalized their place in music history. George Porter Jr. and The Meters revolutionized funk music with their unparalleled instrumental prowess and innovative grooves. Their journey from New Orleans to the global music stage left an indelible mark on the industry. Their legacy continues to live on through their timeless music and the artists they’ve inspired, solidifying their status as true legends of funk.

Please join me this week as George Porter Jr shares his experiences and musical life with the legendary Meters.

Sandy Kaye
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