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Singer Bobby Sherman was a high school football star when Hollywood A-Listers Jane Fonda and Natalie Wood discovered him at a party in the mid-’60s. They asked him to sing at the party, and after he did, Jane Fonda arranged a meeting for him with a talent agent. That meeting  proved to be the start of an incredible career that lasted decades and turned him into one of the world’s most famous teen idols. His face featured on the bedroom walls of teenage girls all over the world.
Bobby started out his working life on the American teenage music show ‘Shindig’. After that he attracted a huge following as an actor in the hit TV series ‘Here Come The Brides’ and he guested regularly on shows like ‘The Partridge Family’. He became the archetypal matinee idol. As his newfound fame grew though, it quickly became his nightmare. Bobby had no time to have a life of his own. He worked seven days a week in different cities and states, often falling into bed late at night, on his own and exhausted.  25,000 letters a week from fans didn’t relieve the loneliness. He scored seven Top 40 hits between 1969 and 1971, including ” Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Julie, Do Ya Love Me.” At the same time, his face was all over, from lunch boxes, fan magazines, posters, and assorted merchandise. Success was not all it was cracked up to be.
In today’s episode Bobby Sherman is joined by his wife of 25 years, Brigitte. They talk about what instigated his career change and his ongoing desire to help mankind. The pair discuss how they met and formed a Children’s Foundation that today still makes a huge difference to the lives of many. Bobby Sherman is about to turn 80 but as you’ll hear, he’s still so youthful and energetic.
He’s that all-American boy next door and as nice a person as you could imagine.



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