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The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 90

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The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 90

The Way-Back Music Machine is on its 90th trip with Tony Stuart and Aaron Badgley. This is the week that was in music history. On Sunday, we celebrate the birthday of Fats Domino. An incredible artist and a pioneer in rock and roll. Then we visit Michael Jackson in 1983 as his Thriller album hits the number one spot on Billboard charts. Monday, we visit Kieth Richards in his hotel room in Toronto in 1977 and he is in for a few surprises. On Tuesday, sticking with the Rolling Stones, we celebrate Brian Jones’ birthday. Also on Tuesday, George Michael officially announces the end of Wham! in 1986. On Wednesday we look at Elton John’s debut single from 1968. It didn’t set the charts on fire and is quite an obscure song. Then on Thursday the rock band Free has a resurrection 21 years after they had a hit and on the same day, Lou Reed is born. Then it is Friday, and Metallica releases their very successful third album and the week ends on Saturday with an interesting story about Cliff Richard, or rather his fan. But there are eight days a week, and we celebrate Elvis landing in England for the first time and six years later John Lennon gives an infamous interview, which lands him in hot water a few months later. All that, plus great music, a bit of chart talk and 



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