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Wednesdays 11pm EST

Tonight we are proud to announce new show joining the Bombshell Radio Airwaves

Blast From The 80’s with Gary Hopkins w / Paul Carrack ( Mike And The Mechanics & Squeeze)

My Name is Gary, I’m from the UK and I host Blast From The 80s, 90s and 00s

I have worked in Radio since 2011, presenting live shows for a couple of stations presenting various slots including a live 52hr show for Charity.

But In 2018 due to family and work commitments I decided to host my own pre-recorded show called A Blast from the 80s, following the success of this I then introduced A Blast From the 90s and this was first aired in 2020 and in 2022 I decided to add a third show A Blast From The 00s.

The shows have been heard around the world on different radio stations, and during this time I have been very fortunate to have spoken to many musicians from these great decades.

We have chatted about their previous work as well as new material, tours, stories from the past and some personal parts of their life too, I’ve even made one musician cry during an interview as well.

All 3 shows also have the listeners input too, and without their messages and emails, it wouldn’t be the same…So thank-you to them and don’t forget to get in touch.

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Blast From The 80’s
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