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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Homer Steinweiss (Holy Hive)

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“The Story Of My Life”

Based out of Brooklyn, Holy Hive are a truly singular band. Formed in 2015’s Holy Hive’s innovative brand of neo-folk is both spare and rich, incorporating elements of Turkish Funk, Chicano soul, low-fi pop and traditional American roots music. Singer Paul Spring’s falsetto floats with the kind of effortless finesse that falls somewhere between Brian Wilson and Shuggie Otis. Meanwhile, drummer Homer Steinweiss, who has sat behind the kit for Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones, Adele and Bruno Mars, plays so deep in the pocket the groove it yields is sheer percussive bliss. He’s an extraordinarily player whose instincts and inventions make him one of the best drummers around. Their debut album Float Back To You cashed in on the promise of their Harping EP—and their self titled second album was a quiet and stirring revelation. They also released an instrumental version of the album, which is an equally stirring companion.

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