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The Way-Back Music Machine Episode 75

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The Way-Back Music Machine Podcast Ep 75

Here we are at road trip 75 for The Way-Back Music Machine. This is a huge achievement, so to celebrate, on this episode, which we call The Birthday Episode, we look at some famous artists and their birthdays. First, we talk about the incredible Joni Mitchell November 7, 1943), who at 78, seems to be making a significant comeback! Then we look at one of the best guitarists alive today, Ms. Bonnie Raitt. A pretty damn great voice too. Born November 8, 1949. Then we talk about Booker T, of Booker T and The MGs. An incredible talent with a brilliant career. He entered the world on November 12, 1944. One year to the day of our next artist. Next, we look at the incomparable Neil Young, born November 12, 1945. What can we say that has not been said before? Check out his archives, the best in rock and roll… Neil Young Archives Finally, we look at the opening (or birth) of the most famous recording studio in the world, at 3 John Street in London. That studio, which was bought in 1929 and opened its doors in 1931. Sir Edward Elgar recorded his famous “Land Of Hope And Glory” there in 1931, but we know it because of The Fab Four. All that plus charts and great conversation on episode 75 of The Way-Back Music Machine. 


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