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A Breath of Fresh Air Nov 8

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The story of American sixties Blues band, CANNED HEAT is a tragic tale of drugs, alcohol, sex and rock n Roll.

It was founded by two blues historians and record collectors, Alan Wilson and Bob Hite. This week we meet the band’s sole surviving member, drummer FITO DE LA PARRA who tells us about the band’s incredible journey over the past 60 years. Despite all the excesses and loss of several band members, Canned Heat’s music remains popular today.

Fito discuses his book ‘Living the Blues’ and regales us with stories from the road, lamenting about how he was unable to stop lead singer Bob Hite from overdosing and dying in front of him at his home.

The conversation takes us from the depth and meaning of Blues music to motorcycle gangs with Fito wondering how life and music may have been different if drugs didn’t play a part.  His ex-wife called his book repugnant. You are sure to find Fito de la Parra’s stories captivating.

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