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The Way-Back Music Machine Episode 74

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Wednesdays 8pm EST

The Way-Back Music Machine Podcast Ep. 74 Welcome to the Halloween edition of The Way-Back Music Machine, which also happens to be our 74th road trip.  This week we stay on October 31 for many interesting stories. To start, we look at a dangerous story and career choice for Chuck Berry.  Then we visit with David Bowie about a show that does not go off as planned.  Finally, how does one launch a record label on Halloween? Well, Led Zeppelin have a very definitive answer to that question. All that and From Memphis To Merseyside, a new segment ‘The Weird
Files’ (which you have to hear to believe), chart talk, a vintage commercial and great conversation between friends Join us for Episode 74 of The Way-Back Music Machine. Song List Played Post-Podcast

Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Tell Him That You Saw Me
Dave Edmunds: I Knew the Bride
David Bowie: The Laughing Gnome
The Beatles: Cry For a Shadow
Elvis Presley: All Shook Up
Chuck Berry: You Never Can Tell
Billy Idol: White Wedding Pt 1
The Pretty Things: Maybe You Tried