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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Jonny Shane (Modern Love Child, Blue Blazer)

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“Two Terrible High School Class Presidents Come Clean”

It doesn’t take long in this conversation with Modern Love Child’s Jonny Shane for he and Alex to realize they had a few things in common: they were both high school class president and they were both terrible at it. Motivated only by giving disruptive speeches, the two laugh about how they had no interest or capacity in their jobs beyond that. But poor student officer past aside, Shane is a remarkable songwriter, whose compositions are flecked with truth and soul. Falling somewhere between the heartbreaking precision of Evan Dando and the introspection of Rogue Wave, Modern Love Child’s music is a stirring blend of nervy indie rock and rootsy groove. In this entertaining chat, the Connecticut-born Shane talks to Alex about growing up back east, making a home in California and why he’s not a great boyfriend at the moment. They also chat about how Shane had to hide his musical proclivity from his football teammates, his newfound love of surfing and what to do with an English major….

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