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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Chris Stamey (The dB’s)

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“Chris Stamey Doesn’t Normally Do These Things”

And by “things” we mean podcasts….It’s true: the Chapel Hill, North Carolina singer/songwriter doesn’t show up a lot on podcasts, but we got lucky by catching him at just the right time and he agreed to be on the show. Stamey may have cut his teeth with the db’s back in the early ‘80s, but since then he’s been a critically-acclaimed solo artist, a respected producer of bands like Le Tigre and Whiskeytown and the author of one of THE great rock and roll memoirs of all time—A Spy In The House Of Loud: New York Songs And Stories. In this interview Stamey talks to Alex about his new double album New Songs For The 20th Century, Elvis Costello and what he taught Ryan Adams. He also talks about artistic discipline, the power of Tom Verlaine and reuniting with his childhood piano.

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