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A Breath of Fresh Air Sept 20

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A Breath of Fresh Air With Sandy Kaye
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Meet THE RUBETTES – Mick Clarke and John Richardson who founded the UK band in 1973. They were the definitive one-hit-wonder band that came together after they had that smash hit with ‘Sugar Baby Love’. Somehow they are still at it today delighting the crowds wherever they play. But there’s so much more to these guys than what meets the eye. Find out by tuning in.

Matt Bianco’s first album ‘Whose Side Are You On’ left an indelible impression on me. To say it was one of my favourites is a complete understatement. But I, like I guess, many of you, have been under the impression for many years, that Matt Bianco was a man. I’m embarrassed to say I only just learned that Matt Bianco is the group’s name not the man’s. The man is MARK REILLY and here we go behind the band to meet the man who was, and still is at the heart of that awesome band. Enjoy!

If you’ve been around for a while (and have lived in Australia at some stage) you may remember British born Australian singer and entertainer BRYAN DAVIES. He was the youngest person ever to host his own evening TV variety show in the ‘60s!. Thanks to a listener request, we catch up with Bryan this week and let Joy from Coffs Harbour chat with the star she’s idolized since her teens.

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