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“Not Quite The American Dream”

They may have gotten their start as the Filberts around 1980, but before too long they rechristened themselves Diesel Park West.
They put out a string of singles like When The Hoodoo Comes and Jackie’s Still Sad before their debut album Shakespeare Alabama
hit shelves in 1989. To date the band has put out ten records including Decency, Thought For Food and their brand new one Not Quite The American Dream. Influenced by West Coast bands like Moby Grape and The Byrds, The Diesels have had quite a career—they’ve opened for Big Country, been signed by EMI, and had Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Gos cover their track I See No Ships. Singer John C Butler has put out fabulous solo albums—Worthless Bastard Rock is a personal favorite—and the band has released a Byrds covers album, live stuff and bunch of EPs along the way. But the fact remains: the Diesels don’t stop. And why should they? There’s pretty much nobody else who can jangle and chime and roll out hook after hook the way they do, and Not Quite The American Dream is further evidence that Diesel Park West remain vital, dynamic and as fabulous as ever.

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