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The Mike Rogers Show #168

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Mike Rogers Show :

Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


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MRS #167


MRS #168


King Cornelius and The Silverbacks   I Am Great Ape     2:37

ザ・喫茶店  Ocha cha    2:15

Makoto Kawamoto 川本真琴    Gimmi Shelter  ギミーシェルター      3:21

Palastleben Neon Escape        2:56

         Crunchwrap_Japanese Edit_071922  2:31

Let’s Go’s   CALENDER GIRL  2:56

Floppy-Pinkies     02 Everywhere I Go        3:30

         Lucie,Too – The story of two of us – 02 二人のストーリー The story of two of us  3:25

The Routes Computer Love     3:09

Tetsuko      The End of the Philosophy       5:40

Two Hearts indian twist  2:55

         The Prize – Wrong Side of Town EP – 01 Wrong Side of Town  2:43

110 Ban      5 Audio Track       2:40

Akabane Vulgarson Strong Bypass    Pirate’s Song        3:59

Dennis Davison     Sensual Summer  4:40

Delicious Sweets  デリシャスウィートスのテーマ         1:37

THAT’S A NO NO!   Look up, Baby!     3:10

ザ・喫茶店  You can’t sit down         2:25

the Mophing People       01.Be Myself        2:33

KPM  News Reel   2:39

Morinaga Chocolates     ChocoBalls 1:03

Let’s Go’s   In My Head 2:31

Shed Project        IF YOU KNOW latest_a   3:39

Palastleben New Order  4:27

Currls Honey         1:42

UNITED BANANA have a nice day !   2:18

Go! Go! Magneg Flower Momonga    Highway No. 1      3:24

The Pocket Gods  Perfect Blue 22     3:18

THE PORTUGAL JAPAN Have Love Will Travel     2:43

ゴーグルエース    青空のある限り    2:27

Palastleben Monaural    3:54

五木ひろし Hiroshi Itsuki 夜空 night sky       3:05

Annie Taylor         Midnight     2:26

Tetsuko      4 ろっこつ  2:19

Miyako no Mayers Miyako no Tawamure     2:35

Palastleben Danse Karma       3:51

Stephanies  yokubou      3:38

ザ・喫茶店  あいつのトリコ    2:37

TsuShiMaMiRe     01_beer      2:49

Clalas クララズ    アメリカン American     3:48

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