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Sensoria July 8 /22

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On this week’s Sensoria, DJ Dreamdoctor showcases great new post-punk and goth tracks and other great delights. New music cleanses the palate. New tracks by Black Angel, Vazum, October Burns Black, Living Signs, Art d’Ecco, Solitary Experiments, Vazum and much more ! All that and new music from Paragon Cause paying homage to A Flock of Seagulls, The Umbrellas and classic alternatives from The Danse Society and Crash Vegas. Sensoria with Dreamdoctor airs every Friday at 10 pm EST on Bombshell Radio !

This week’s playlist:
The Danse Society / Say It Again
Solitary Experiments / Wonderland
Living Signs / SpeZialoperation
Fragrance. / Covered in Gold
Alien Hand Syndrome / Raison, Raison
Art d’Ecco / I Was A Teenager
Vazum / Angel
Black Angel / Animal
October Burns Black / Divide and Conquer
They Die / One Last Kiss
Deceits / En Soledad
The Umbrellas / Write It In The Sky
SPECTRA*paris / Devious
Paragon Cause / Modern Love Is Automatic
Crash Vegas / Red Earth


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