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A Breath of Fresh Air June 21

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This week: Anyone who knows me, knows I love the Blues. This week I want to introduce you to a young, new talent who holds the distinction of being the first latin American ever to be signed to a blues record label. Costa Rican JOSE MARTINEZ has accomplished in the last couple of years what many artists who’ve been around for decades could only dream of. He’s just released his second album and he’s a name you’re going to be hearing lots more about in the future.

Is she a one hit wonder or not? She certainly has only ever had one number one hit and it’s the song that everyone knows her for. We catch up with the gorgeous TINA CHARLES from her home in Caterham in the UK where she lives a modest life tending to her dogs, chickens and even to a skulk of foxes who visit her regularly.

The man of 1000 voices TONY BURROWS has always been a group. He’s never been allowed to record under his own name. Tony’s been the voice of The Ivy League, Flowerpot Men, Edison Lighthouse, The Pipkins, White Plains, Brotherhood of Man and many more. At 83 he’s now quite happy with it all and walks us through his career with a few fabulous stories.


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