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Space Jams : 12.6 Evilsohn: Koopanutl

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Thursdays 10pm EST
I feel the need, the need for synth (and a lie down)
All aboard the raid train as we pay our respects to the Twitch Mavericks, Evilsoh and Koopanut
When the world went dark and quiet, there were many that kept the synthwave dream alive and these days still host epic twitch streams to this day!
Two hours of expertly mixed and finely crafted sets, with some rolling and scratching for good measure!
Featuring music from: New Arcades, Gryff, Young Empress, Acidulé, Brandon – Synthwave Artist, Beckett, NeverMann, The Future Kids, MicroMatscenes, OSC, iamMANOLIS, Phaserland, Waveshaper Official & many more


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