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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Adam Elk (The Mommyheads)

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“New Kings Of Pop”

The Mommyheads got their start somewhere around 1987 or so in New York. They relocated to San Francisco and in the 90s they were Bay Area staples. Their music is a charming blend of wobbly pop beauty that brings to mind everyone from Jellyfish to XTC but the Mommyheads are not just a pop band—they’re an idiosyncratic outfit that, over the course of their career, have thrown sonic curveballs that even their most ardent fans never saw coming. They had a brief dalliance with a major label, signing to Geffen in 1997, but that yielded only one fabulous self-titled album. After they parted ways with Geffen they kind of parted ways with each other, taking a break from recording that lasted almost 11 years. With close to 15 albums under their belts, the Mommyheads output is rich and rewarding. The band have had their songs covered by Jenny Toomey and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, they appear in a Time Warner TV ad, and we’re happy to report that the Mommyheads are not only back, they’re more creatively alive than they’ve ever been. Their latest two albums New Kings Of Pop and Age of Isolation rank among their finest work. Singer Adam Elk is our guest today and this is one of the most entertaining and interesting chats we’ve ever had.

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