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Addictions and Other Vices 832 – Days Like These!!!

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It’s showtime and it’s time to check out & play submissions from our overflowing Addictions Inbox and a few new discoveries we felt the urge to share.

Thanks to all the Labels, Artists and PR companies that sent in tracks this week.

Photography: Tania Van den Berghen 

Fix Mix 832

A Song For Dreamers / Dutch Mustard

Spilled Coffee / Dentist

Talk of the Town / Sister

wait a minute / Arlie

Nervous / Madi Diaz

An Acre Lost / Sleigh Bells

Empty Hours / Lips

I’m Fine, I’ve Said Too Much, But How Are You / Le Shiv

Fantasy / Church of Trees

Big Fat Mouth / Arlie

Anybody Else But Me / Fur

Don’t Forget It / Aimée Steven

Up Granville / Peach Pit

Bad girl / Sun June

dumb dumb / mazie

Good Thing / Maple Glider

Sunny Boy / Ritt Momney

Shane / Fruit Bats

Forward Is the Way Out / Tribe Friday

As Much As I Can / girlpuppy

Sunscreen / Ball Park Music

Combat / Hazel English

Have You Heard / Penelope Isles

Reaper / Clairo

Take a Swing / Tiny Little Houses

Balenciaga / New West

In Another Life / The Killers

Weekend Friend / Goth Babe

That’s The Way I Like It / Lily Konigsberg

oh GOD / Orla Gartland

The Grey Commute / Nation of Language

Wisdom Tooth / Wallice










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