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Wassup Rocker Radio #206

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WorldFamous #WRRRocks Sundays at Midnight EST right after my pal Mike Rogers’ Show on #GarageRock, #Punk,#LoudRockNRoll,#NewMusic,#SickSounds


1 Eyes 1:30 Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party Wine Lips

2 Earth To Mike 1:31 Here Comes More Bad News Spiritual Cramp

3 INTO 2:21 R.I.P. EP Abi Ooze

4 Nocturne Child 3:56 Cobra Poems Daniel Romano’s Outfit

5 No Escape 2:27 Hungry For Action Iron Lizards

6 The Blood Factory 3:07 The Blood Factory 7″ Lazerlips

7 80-85 2:12 S/T Postage

8 Dunny Seat 3:48 Mountain of Piss Cosmic Psychos

9 Street Fighter 3:40 Idiocracy Pist idiots

10 Kill The Night 2:22 This Will Leave a Mark Chuck Norris Experiment

11 Ghost on the Highway (Gun Club… 3:02 Split 7″ with Coathangers L.A. Witch

12 Violent Urges 2:31 II Crime Line

13 Coolsville USA 3:11 Now Where Were We THE EXBATS

14 Transmission (Joy Division Cover) 3:31 Hollywood Blvd. Beck Black

15 (The) Cheapest Sound 2:33 Death To The Pigs EP Hairy Nipples

16 Paint It Red 2:41 S/T EP Schedule 1

17 In Birth 3:05 Reincarnate EP Witch Fever

18 Burn It Down 2:13 Single Bitch Queens

19 Animals Above Our Town 2:36 Cobra Poems Daniel Romano’s Outfit

20 Lifesize 3:32 7″ TV Priest

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