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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Joy Deyo (Sweet Nobody)

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“We’re Trying Our Best”

It’s hard for us to think of a more charming pop band than Sweet Nobody. The Long Beach quartet’s new album We’re Trying our Best is the follow up to their debut Loud Songs For Quiet people and it’s a confident step forward that proves this is band to keep your eye on, Filled with infectious hooks, rushing, spry melodies, prowling bass lines, a touch of surf guitar and heartbeat perfect drum fills, the music of Sweet Nobody is at once familiar and intimate. So much so that when you hear their songs, you feel like you already know them. The key is the voice of Joy Deyo—her sonorous delivery is smooth and steady and she knows how to take the corners in a pop song and glide around them with dexterity and ease. Life has not been easy for Joy in the past few years and she talks about that at great length in this interview—the bliss of pop music and the physically taxing task of living with daily chronic pain are two dominating elements in her life and she speaks about that combination. We’re Trying Our Best is a stone cold pop wonder. It’s spry and fast and thoughtful and smart and the lyrics are diaristic and personal, but at the same time decidedly universal and inviting. Pain is personal, of course, but it’s also omnipresent and it includes every living person on this planet. And let’s face it—we’re all trying our best to get through it, aren’t we? In this chat, Deyo talks to Alex about living with Ehlers-Dalos Syndrome, what it’s like being in a band with ones’ spouse and how she made the move from Minnesota to California.

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