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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Ethan Gold

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The LA.-based artist, producer and composer Ethan Gold’s debut album Songs From A Toxic Apartment left his fans wanting more and more is exactly what they’re getting. Gold will be releasing a trilogy of albums that will surely make his longtime fans very pleased and it will also bring him scores of new ones in the process. The first in the trilogy is Earth City 1: The Longing and it’s a stunner. A meditation on isolation and loneliness in a seemingly deeply connected digital world and feeling like an outsider while being on the inside, Earth City 1 is a moving and heartfelt glimpse of modern life and how it engenders alienation. A sly pop craftsman, Gold’s music is warm, heartfelt and comforting, even when he’s exploring themes that break us all apart. Over the course of his career, Gold has produced and arranged for Elvis Perkins, composed film scores which featured John Grant and Staves and in the process crafted some of the most unforgettable pop songs around. In this conversation Gold talks to Alex about the past and the future, Leonard Cohen and the freedom of performing poetry onstage.

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