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Addictions and Other Vices 270 Time Warp – 1960

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I’m pleased to announce a new program to our line-up. Our main focus remains Indie and Alternative music. Always looking to add different twists the programming with Guest DJs and podcasts. Tonight it’s Addictions and Other Vices -Time Warp 1960. I’ve decided not to voice the show as I think it moves at a better pace without narration. Also I believe there are better outlets that serve that purpose. I chose 1960 as it’s the time when things started really changing in music. I’ve included the politically incorrect novelty tracks. And some select choices from that year that fit the hour. As with all of my theme shows something a word, phrase, event or feeling gives me the inspiration to expand into a theme of sorts. So for this reason I believe this fits into the Addictions and Other Vices criteria nicely. I’m amazed at how insular the enjoyment of music has become. For me it was essential and sometimes unavoidable to listen to my parents music in the house and in the car. And then we would listen to Grandmas music when she became a passenger. Everything from Country to Wartime. It would be far too ambitious and perhaps a horrible wormhole to try to cover all those bases. However I do love to throw in the odd curveball whenever the opportunity arises. So “let’s do the time warp” I hope you enjoy. Addictions and Other Vices Podcast Bombshell Radio

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