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Mike Rogers Show :

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MRS #102

THE LET’S GO’s         222                  2:37

Su凸ko D凹koi         Kinou Family Restaurant de Furareta                        2:38

THE TOMBOYS         Please Remember Me                  3:03

Sakuran Zensen         モンキー・オ・マンキー                    4:12

The Routes     You’ll See                    2:51

Titty Twister    A1 – kimino tokomade             3:03

Richard Hardelstein    Church Organ             3:04

Ohio Express  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy                   2:22

The Pats Pats Girls Talk                     3:06

Sakuran Zensen         Taxi Man                     3:50

            U Can’t Touch This- Instrumental                  3:41

THE LET’S GO’s         Heibon Cherry            3:20

Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite          New Engine                3:19

The Pats Pats Doughnut Song                       3:34

THE LET’S GO’s         D.B.D.G.                     3:40

The Stephanies          Baby, I love you                      2:31

Su凸ko D凹koi         Ongaku Ga Kieta Hi               3:25

Sakuran Zensen         ロッキンロール                      2:51

Titty Twister    A5 – Speedball Baby               3:06

The Tomboys  Naomi no Yume                      3:49

Sakuran Zensen         ロンドンブーツ                      3:11

THE LET’S GO’s         ロックンロールスター                       4:05

Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite          Moshiyokattara                       3:02

Sakuran Zensen         君のハートはブルーだよ                    1:29

都はるみ         好きになった人                      3:41

Beatles Barkers          She Loves You                       2:20

Titty Twister    B2 – Omoi                    2:16

Su凸ko D凹koi         Katte Ni Shindero                   2:30

THE LET’S GO’s         革のブーツ              1:38

The Neatbeats            Do The Global Twist               2:05

Su凸ko D凹koi         3 ブス                      3:15

The Pats Pats A.A.A               3:01

Кожаный Олень        Дохляки                     2:56

The Routes     Do What’s Right By You                     2:29

Stephanies      zoombies room                       2:54

The Pen Friend Club  Boku to Kimi no Melody                      4:05

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