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The Mike Rogers Show #99

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Mike Rogers Show :

Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


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Mike Rogers Show #99

Fabienne Delsol & The Bristols          Our Love Will Still Be There               3:03

The Pats Pats Girls Talk                     3:06

Sakuran Zensen         タクシーマン              3:51

Sakuran Zensen         ロッキンロール                      2:51

Lousy Sue       Ferma Jean                2:02

Stephanies      zoombies room                       2:54

THE LET’S GO’s         おつかれさまソング               2:47

Hi-End Nervous Breakdown               3:59

Devo   (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction               2:41

Petty Booka    06 Petty Booka-Loo                4:43

Brad Marino    Even the Score                       2:45

Lindas Lindas LL’s_Claudia Kishi.MIX 2                   1:41

Routes 01. Broken Goods MASTER              3:42

Sugar & Tiger Linda Ramone            2:13

Transvision Vamp       Andy Warhol’s Dead               3:51

Kelly Muff        デザート・エゴ                      2:33

Juniper – Best Kept Secret                 2:47

Les Shirley      Sadgirlsclub                1:18

The Lousekateers       On Fire                        2:40

Candy Smokes           Ya Ya Ya                     1:51

Spud Cannon  Juno                2:53

Ninuma Kenji  Kitaguni no Haru                     3:48

Sorels  Spring Break               2:38

Holly and the Italians  Tell That Girl to Shut up                     3:02

Neighborhood Brats   WHO TOOK THE RAIN                     2:41

Sleez Sisters   No Way                       2:17

Pesticides       Dead circle                  3:02

Su凸ko D凹koi         憎い村             2:39

Grrrl Gang       Honey Baby                4:32

De Jeugd        Debbie            1:32

THE NEATBEATS      LAWDY MISS CLAWDY                    1:46

Alicia Fiorucci My no generation MASTERING du 12 01 2020                     2:34

Kis-Kis (kitty, kitty) – Dance!               2:40

Suzi Moon       01 – Suzi Moon – Special Place In Hell                       3:34

The Pen Friend Club  Boku to Kimi no Melody                      4:05


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