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Generating Steam Heat #282

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Mondays Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Generating Steam Heat Bombshell Radio 4pm EST 9pm BST 1pm PDT 

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Mackie – New Age (From the Brassneck Records/Rad Girlfriend Records compilation EP ‘Nice One’ 2021)
The Business – You Know My Name (From the Pirates Press Records album ‘Oi! Forty Years Untamed’ 2021)
Cuir – Le Restes De La Veille (From the Offside Records/Rockstar Records album ‘Album’ 2021)
Viagra Boys – Ain’t It Nice (From the Year 0001, Year 0001 album ‘Welfare Jazz’ 2021) 
Katy J Pearson – Tonight (From the Heavenly Records album ‘Return’ 2020)
The Runaways – Queens Of Noise (Mercury Records 7’’ 1977)
X-Ray Spex – I Am A Cliché (B-side of the Virgin Records 7’’ ‘Oh Bondage Up Yours’ 1977)
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Icon (From the Polydor Records album ‘Join Hands’ 1979)
Lemonade Sin – Lemonade Sin (From the digital single ‘Songs Of Sin and Dens Of Iniquity’ 2020) 
Billy Nomates – Right Behind You (From the Invada Records EP ‘Emergency Telephone’)
Abrasive Trees (From the Shapta Records EP ‘Without Lights’ 2021) 
Mekons – Where Were You (Fast Product Records 7’’ 1978)
Non Erotic Male Bonding (NEMB) – The Middle Room (Green Records 7’’ 1981)
The Boys – Terminal Love (Safari Records 7’’ 1980)
The Electric Chairs – Rock ‘n’ Roll Resurrection (From the self titled Safari Records album 1978)



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