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Wassup Rocker Radio #174

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WorldFamous #WRRRocks Show tonight join us at 12am EST right after my pal Mike Rogers’ Show on #GarageRock, #Punk,#LoudRockNRoll,#NewMusic,#SickSounds 

1 Motorbikin 1:35 Trash Ferraris Trash Ferraris

2 BONEYARD BOOGIE 3:01 S/T EP Mel Machete

3 Politicians 3:00 Twenty / Twenty The Wheelz

4 Cutie Pie 2:13 s/t Love Hearts

5 Jumpouts 2:12 Split with Applaoosa BBQT

6 Till the End of the Night 2:48 SINGLE Radio Days

7 We Cant Help It 1:42 SINGLE DeeCracks

8 Strange Life (Feat Robby Kreiger f… 2:43 Xtras X

9 St. Tropez 0:56 St. Tropez Single (New on Feel It… Spread Joy

10 Beauty School Dropout 3:23 SINGLE Kid Gulliver

11 Ask Me Later 3:36 Ask Me Later Public Body

12 Always Happy 2:38 Always Happy 7″ Grandma’s House

13 Friday bb 2:19 Can’t Remember, Cant Forget Nanny

14 Slambulance 2:02 Caught In The Grip Bull Face

15 Chucho 3:27 Wasted on Hard Kombuchas The Slabs

16 Run Away 3:23 Accidental Punk (New Zealand) N T Honey

17 Crazy Yo! 2:27 EP (Rum Bar) French Girls

18 You’re So Cool 3:15 You’re So Cool Family Dinner

19 Badder Good 2:40 The Ufgoods Strike Back The Ufgoods

20 Territorial Pissings (Nirvana Cover) 2:07 Girls Just Wanna Have Punk WENDY SUCKS

21 Feelings 3:06 Never Enough Baits

22 GOOD LUCK BOYS 2:17 S/T EP Mel Machete

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