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The Mike Rogers Show #88

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Mike Rogers Show :

Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


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Mike Rogers Show #88

THE NEATBEATS      GIRL CAN’T HELP IT             2:29

THE LET’S GO’s         too much moon                       4:32

The Mudd Club           Bored To Death                      1:54

Hayley & the Crushers           1 Jacaranda                2:43

X-Ray Spex    Art-I-Ficial                   3:22

Lindas Lindas Monica (Feat. Snacks).MIX 2             1:42

The 50 Kaitenz           君にSha La La La Lee                       3:11

Lucie,Too        Humming                    2:39

The Routes     Do What’s Right By You                     2:29

Beauty in Chaos         The Delicate Balance Of All Things (Rapid Reiteration Mix) ft. Cinthya Hussey                  4:38

Childish Tones            Country Girl                3:17

Kelly Muff        デザート・エゴ                      2:33

Sleez Sisters   No Way                       2:17

Hayley & the Crushers           2 Angelyne                  2:40

Stephanies      zoombies room                       2:54

VIGIL OF WAR           VULTURES                3:10

The Spam69   Cowbell Rock              3:23

The Planet We Can See        Steps               3:44

Lucie,Too        May                 3:07

            Two Hearts   RPM                  3:22

Das Kapitans  Rooftops                     3:55

The Planet We Can See –      Orange Planet            3:46

micemohee     Drop                5:26

Tiva     05 Sweet Liar              5:09

            Two Hearts    Time is on Nobodys Side                     3:59

The Planet We Can See         We Lose It [Demo]                  3:13

            rinrin – The Game                   3:19

Кожаный Олень        Дохляки                     2:56

Ruth Blake      Brave Ships (radio edit)                      3:26

Fun Time Objects       Hey! Joey                    2:15

The Pen Friend Club  Boku to Kimi no Melody                      4:05


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