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The British are Coming #508

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Tuesdays 10:00pm -11:30 pm EST

Repeats New Time Wednesdays 8:00am – 10:00am EST Matt plays 20 of the best up-and-coming indie, alternative, and rock artists in the UK, some of which you know, but many more that will be new music discoveries. Matt’s deep knowledge of UK music scene and his ear for a banger make The British are Coming a must-listen on Bombshell Radio. #TheBritishAreComing, #Alternative, #Indie, #Rock, #NewMusic, #BombshellRadio

Matt Dalzell @britdjmatt

// Baby Queen – Raw Thoughts //

The Ninth Wave – Everything Will Be Fine //

Kid Violet – Be Happy //

Arcade State – Follow //

The Banshees – Point Of You //

Dogtooth – Cut //

White Flowers – You Caught Me //

Milo Gore – Eyeliner //

Denio – Pastime //

Home Counties – Modern Yuppies //

Hockeysmith – Down Love //

Blabbermouth – Just Tell Me the Truth //

BLAB – Casual Sex //

Rose Grey – Same Cloud //

Lemon Drink – Demon Child //

Wax Works Sleeping in the dark (Feat Mollie Coddled) //

Belonging – Think Im Gonna Fall //

Amongst The Pigeons – N.V.O.D. (feat Richard Wiseman) //

Bored At My Grandmas House – Showers //

Divisions – Quiet Frustrations //

Jeshua – Waste Away //

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